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  • The Coblentz Challenge at SciX 2015

The Coblentz Challenge at SciX 2015

  • 28 Sep 2015
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Rhode Island Convention Center, Room 557
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The Coblentz Challenge at SciX 2015

You think you know something about vibrational spectroscopy, huh? 

Come take the Coblentz Challenge! The Coblentz Challenge has been established to find expert technical spectroscopic mentors for the Society.  The Challenge will have a number of questions or tasks from which prospective mentors may choose.  The objective is to find vibrational spectroscopists who have understanding of spectroscopy, techniques, or methods.  The mentors will be ideal scientists to impart their knowledge to others who wish to learn more about vibrational spectroscopy. 

Prizes will be awarded for the top 2 challengers! 
A box lunch will be provided for participants.

The objective of the Challenge is to identify members who are well qualified to serve as technical mentors. It is our goal to raise the level of spectroscopic expertise within the Society, and in the discipline of vibrational spectroscopy in general. It is hoped that mentors will work with other scientists to improve their knowledge and level of expertise.

Several questions are presented. Each candidate will select only one question, presumably the one the candidate feels he or she can answer most effectively. If a candidate answers a question to the satisfaction of the examiners, that candidate’s name shall be given to the Coblentz Board with the recommendation that the candidate be recognized as a technical mentor in the subject area of the question.

The questions involve mid-infrared, Raman, or near-infrared spectrometry. The specific questions can involve specific samples, spectral interpretation, instrumentation, or techniques, to name a few. The questions are not simple and may not be answered completely in the time allotted. The goal is to find mentors with considerable depth of knowledge in the area of a single question, and to be able to demonstrate clear analytical abilities.

The Coblentz Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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