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Desk Book of Infrared Spectra

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The Desk Book was designed to meet the needs of the practicing spectroscopyis, the teacher, and the student for a complete, general IR reference. The Text: The valuable 540-page book correlates special text sections, prepared under the auspices of the Coblentz Society as an aid to spectroscopists, with 900 high-quality grating spectra. Group frequency descriptions for key compound classes are referenced to spectrum examples for ready use in teaching and identifying unknowns. Band intensity and band shape information are thus added to the learning process to supplement tabulated group frequencies. Factors affecting band shifts and band splitting are discussed and illustrated. Special topics discussed include sample preparation, specifications for spectrum evaluation, spectrometer calibration and operating parameters, as well as the interpretation sections. The Spectra: These 900 high-quality grating spectra were specially chosen from spectra published in the regular series of evaluated spectra, and then added to for complete, rounded-out categories. Spectra are grouped by compound class to facilitate teaching and unknown identification. Spectra are easy to read with only two spectra per page. Complete compound and preparation information and independent verification is provided when possible. Some important solids whose spectra are sensitive to physical state are included as solutions, mulls, and halide-pressed discs to aid in positive identification for trace samples and to demonstrate polymorphism. Compounds are thoroughly cross-indexed by empirical formula, common name, and CAS preferred name.
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